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Family Protection Dog Level 2
The NATIONAL K9 ENFORCEMENT TRAINING ACADEMY Family Protection dog Level 2 is clear headed, confident, intelligent, social, affectionate and of stable temperament. We focus on developing it's character through professional training. It is a high caliber dog developed and raised with intent and purpose by carefully studied selective breeding and classified according to temperament, drives, intensity and level of true protection. 
This dog:

  1. Is taught obedience training on/off leash with distractions

  2. Is taught to show aggression showing teeth and barking at the anyone who is not let in to the property,in your yard or in your house.

  3. Is taught to not make friends or back down to a threat behind the barrier. 

  4. Is taught to Alert on command and defend its handler on lead. 

  5. is taught to bite on command or on aggression towards its handler.

  6. is taught a relax command to stop the defensive behavior on command.

  7. Has been environmental tested for soundness, slippery floors, stairs, loud noises, water.

  8. is taught to fight and take some pressure from the attacker

  9. Handler training is included on site.

Priced between $8,000.00 to $12,000.00  Depending on breed and quality